There are over 1,000 safe deposit boxes in three different standardized sizes – tailored to the individual needs of our clients. The choice of a safe deposit box depends on the size of valuable items that are to be stored in the box. For both individuals and companies, this is the perfect solution for securing valuable paperwork, such as notarial deeds. Safe deposit boxes are the safe storage of many categories of valuables.

What exactly can be stored in a safe deposit box?

The basic rules of entrusting Bezpieczny Skarbiec with safe custody define, among other things, what kind of items can be stored in the safe-deposit boxes. Since safe deposit boxes are divided into categories according to their capacity, we can distinguish three groups of deposits according to the size of the boxes dedicated to them.

Safe deposit box size categories – what to store in safe deposit boxes

Small safe deposit boxes

Smaller safe deposit boxes are recommended for storing jewelry, cash, currency, valuable coins, diamonds and other gemstones, as well as small data carriers, for example, computer disks, or documents of small size – such as a passport. All small, valuable items will not only be protected against loss due to possible interference of third parties or events such as burglary – but also against unfortunate loss, which is particularly easy in case of items as small as pendants, rings, signet rings, single coins, including commemorative coins, or single medals.

Medium safe deposit boxes

Medium size safe deposit boxes are intended for storing property deeds and other important documents – wills, birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates, contracts, patent documentation or securities, including collectibles. This category of safe deposit boxes is the perfect choice for the safe storage of valuable items such as gold and silver, films and photographs, as well as for larger numismatic collections such as coins and medals.

Big safe deposit boxes

The last, largest size of safe deposit boxes in Bezpieczny Skarbiec is especially recommended for collectors or owners of other voluminous items that need to be secured – for example, extensive documentation, valuable flags, maps or other publications with a larger format, as well as historical utility items of significant value.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact the service office of Bezpieczny Skarbiec directly – depending on the size of the planned deposit, our staff will recommend the best option of a commercial safe deposit box.

Vault accessibility – convenience and deposit policies

The offer of Bezpieczny Skarbiec safe deposit boxes is a comprehensive solution for storing valuables. It is also a solution allowing for cost optimization depending on the size of the safe deposit box – prices start from as little as PLN 99 per month, for example, in the case of wills or securities. It also provides the comfort of guaranteed confidentiality, as the operation of the safe deposit boxes is carried out with full discretion – the content of the box is known only to the client who uses it.

In terms of the duration of the contract, long-term and short-term rentals are possible – starting from 1 month.

The availability of such solutions also means greater flexibility for incidental needs, such as securing valuables while away, for example.

Bezpieczny Skarbiec in Warsaw is a system of services which guarantees the possibility of flexible customization of solutions and ensuring the highest level of security for safe deposit boxes and their contents.

High-tech security systems and technologies – full safety and discretion

There are a number of deposit-related benefits for customers looking for reliable protection for their valuables that are the hallmark of Bezpieczny Skarbiec.
The complexity of these features includes convenience and customization of available solutions to individual needs, location in the city center, as well as discretion and the highest level of deposit security. Furthermore, all items stored in commercial safe deposit boxes are covered by an additional insurance policy.

Safe Deposit Boxes of Bezpieczny Skarbiec Warsaw are under 24-hour security supervision and a system of high-tech security technology. A specialized GPS Trackimo system, for example, will inform the client about the opening of the safe deposit box and any movement via SMS and email.

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