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It’s an individual, secured and insured storage space in Bezpieczny Skarbiec. A safe deposit box is intended to store valuables that a person chooses not to keep at home or in the workplace

Storing valuables at home or workplace provides only limited protection. Bezpieczny Skarbiec offers extra insurance and a reliable security system to customers.

If you lose your key, please inform Bezpieczny Skarbiec. You will be responsible for any costs of the locksmith service and subsequent repairs that are required. All locksmith services will be performed in your presence. Replacement of a lock is charged 1300 PLN net.

Currencies, diamonds, gemstones, memory discs, wills, birth certificates, marriage certificates, precious metals e.g. gold, silver, passports, coin collections, films, photographs, certificates, contracts etc.

You are not allowed to store any items that are illegal. You must not store firearms, explosives, containers with harmful substances, perishable items, etc. For a detailed list, please see the Terms and Conditions tab on our website.

Schedule an appointment or book a safe deposit box online. We will require you to prove your identity with an acceptable form of photographic document (valid passport, ID card).

Persons registered by you in Bezpieczny Skarbiec will have full access to your safe deposit box. Access can only be granted to a person of legal age.

You can make payments in cash, by credit card, or by wire transfer to the operator’s account.

You can rent a safe deposit box in Bezpieczny Skarbiec starting January 1, 2021. Check out the price list and our offer to get to know us better.

Bezpieczny Skarbiec will be available January 2, 2021, however, you can sign an agreement to rent a safe deposit box as of today. Contact us by phone or email.

Bezpieczny Skarbiec is located in Warsaw on Nowogrodzka Street 50/54. The office is located on the 1st floor, while Skarbiec is located in the basement of the building.

The contents of each safe deposit box are covered by an insurance policy.

We will contact you before your contract expires. Please refer to the terms and conditions for details.

If there is no “designated person” on your account at the time of your death, normal legal processes will follow. No items can be removed until a proper grant of probate is shown.

You will be contacted to renew your safe deposit box rental agreement and pay your dues.


Types of safe deposit boxes